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Hi, I’m Akiko, the “A” behind A Heart Travel.

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I am from Tokyo, Japan, just traveling the world, usually solo.  I actually think I was born to travel.  Now that I believe so, I finally (after a few long term travels) decided to share my travel stories, thoughts and photos.

A bit about the way I travel/live: 
I pay for experiences, not things.(but I do pay for great travel gear)
I don’t do bunk beds any more, unless they are built-in, pod type bunks. (I hate it when it shakes every time the person above/below moves around)
I miss Japanese food while traveling.
I’m quite flexible with plans, but my body isn’t.
My favorite color is bluegreen or turquoise, which ever way you want to call it.


Most of my photos are taken on my phone (currently an iphone6, previously a Xperia) or on my Canon compact digital camera (that has an awesome zoom!). DSLR cameras are too heavy for me hence I do not plan to own one.
I’m only going to live once.  When I turn 60, I don’t want to look back and regret not doing the stuff I love.

I don’t want to regret not traveling.